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The presence of rodents is more than just a matter of discomfort for residential property owners. Since rats and mice carry numerous life-threatening diseases – like hantavirus and lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCMV) – it’s essential to take swift action. And this is especially true if rodents have made their way to your attic.

Over time, rats and mice can cause significant damage to spaces like the attic, affecting your house’s air quality and energy efficiency. So, if you don’t want rodents to make your attic their haven, talk to AlienWerks Pest Management. We provide thorough attic inspection services, including setting traps for the critters.

Why Do I Need to Hire Attic Inspectors?

When rodents run around other areas of your property, such as the kitchen or bathroom, they’re easy to spot. However, the matter becomes more difficult if rats and mice infest your attic. As it’s one of the least-visited areas, you won’t know about the gnawers until they start chewing through your stuff.
For that reason, it’s critical to enlist professional attic inspectors’ help. And if you think that that’s not necessary, you certainly don’t want to find out what could happen should you take it upon yourself to solve the matter. That’s because the areas where rodents enter properties are easy to miss.
At AlienWerks Pest Management, we’re well-versed in finding holes that rats and mice use for entering and exiting a residential property. An important step of our rodent inspection services is sealing the wall cracks, preventing rodents from seeking shelter on your property.

Long-Lasting Rodent Control in Texas

Even after you’ve sealed every entry point for rodents, you’d be surprised to see that they still haven’t left your attic alone. That’s because some rats and mice can enter through 0.96- and 0.25-inch holes, respectively. Apart from wall cracks, rodents use pipes, gutters, and drains to enter and exit commercial properties.
And these are only the internal entry points; the external areas include tree branches, air vents, and even small telephone lines. If this feels like too much, that’s because it is. Fortunately, none of it will be your headache when our technicians are at work because we’re highly qualified for the job.

What Our Rodent Inspection Services Include

Inspecting an attic for rodent activity is the first of many steps we take to rid properties of rats and mice. In many cases, after we eliminate their existence, we’re left with rodent droppings, which spread various diseases. To ensure they don’t affect your family’s overall well-being, here’s what we do:

• Traps

After discerning the presence of rodents in your attic, we’ll use traps and baits to lure rats and mice. Though there are companies that avoid using traps because they’re outdated, we don’t think so. We’ve found that, sometimes, the simplest and most effective way of removing rodents is by setting mouse traps.

• Decontamination

Once rodents have been eliminated, the next step includes vacuuming the space to remove rat and mouse droppings. And it’s necessary, considering the bacteria in the droppings can impact your loved ones’ health even if no rodents are present. So, we perform in-depth cleaning and scrub every inch.

• Sanitization

The final step of our rodent inspection services includes sanitization. Rodents and their droppings give off a foul smell, making it impossible to stand in the same space. Because of this, we sanitize the area and don’t stop until the scent is gone. In addition, sanitizing helps in killing bacteria.

Post-Rodent Inspection Treatment

Inspecting and treating your property for pests is crucial to eradicating rats and mice. But that doesn’t mean it’s the only one. Once we’ve done our part, keeping rodents at bay is your responsibility. Luckily, it shouldn’t be too difficult; you just have to follow these steps:
  • Clean your attic frequently
  • Inspect your attic regularly
  • Seal gaps, holes, and other rodent entry points
  • Organize the storage boxes
  • Ensure your gutters are working properly

Hire Efficient Rodent Control in Springs Texas

While inspecting your property for rodent activity, you might overlook your attic. But you can’t afford to make the mistake, considering rats and mice often make the space their nesting habitat. So, to prevent rodents from becoming an endless source of discomfort, talk to AlienWerks Pest Management.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our attic inspection services include cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing your attic.
The duration of attic inspection varies, depending on the space. But to give you a ballpark figure, it’ll take us more than an hour.
You can check your attic for rodent activity by yourself, but only from the surface. For in-depth inspection, it’s best to call AlienWerks Pest Management.
We use baits and traps to lure rodents. If that doesn’t work, we utilize other techniques, like poisons, also called rodenticides.
We ask clients to remove storage boxes and other debris from their attic. This helps our technicians do the job more effectively.



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