Blowout Yard and Garage

Blowout Yard and Garage Service

The arrival of winter prompts residential and commercial property owners to clean flower beds and remove dead branches. One crucial part of preparing for the cold is weatherizing your sprinkler system. And it’s an essential task, considering the pipes can freeze and crack if you don’t carry it out effectively.

To prevent your sprinkler system from getting damaged, AlienWerks Pest Management is your best bet. We thoroughly understand the consequences you face if you don’t get your pipes fixed. That’s why we provide sprinkler blowout services, ensuring the system performs optimally and doesn’t require costly repairs.

Blowout Yard and Garage

Why Do I Need to Hire Sprinkler Blowout Services?

The primary reason for hiring sprinkler blowout services is to prevent the pipes from getting damaged. The water inside lingers when the system is not in use, which can become a significant problem if it’s not cleared. For instance, ice can form if the temperature drops to below zero.
Remember that irrigation pipes are designed to streamline the water flow, not store it. That’s not the case with the lines connected to your bathroom or kitchen. Since they are used almost yearly, those ducts have been manufactured to store water for a long time.
That’s why it’s essential to enlist the help of a blowout company – like AlienWerks Pest Management. We use high-quality air compressors to blow out the water, so it doesn’t cause you trouble. This way, when you reactivate the sprinkler system come spring, it’ll be in good condition and ready for use.

What Does Blowout Garden Hose Mean?

The meaning and reason for blowing out a garden hose are the same as blowing out a sprinkler system: to ensure it works properly after winter has passed. Although there are other methods, like automatic and manual draining, there’s no way of knowing if they completely remove water from the hose.
It’s essential to ensure no traces of water are left in the pipe. Otherwise, even if it’s in the form of droplets, the water will freeze, causing damage to the hose. And the longer you leave water inside, the bigger problem it’ll become. Eventually, there will come a time when you won’t be able to drain it out.

Reasons for Hiring Irrigation Blowout Services

It doesn’t matter how good you are at DIY projects, some tasks are best left to professionals – like blowing out lawn sprinklers. Tackling the job all by yourself can make things worse. Apart from this, consider the following reasons for enlisting the help of an experienced blowout garage company:

• Area Expertise

To get rid of the water in your irrigation system, you’ll need specific equipment. And it’s highly unlikely that you have it lying around in your attic or garage. Although you could purchase the tools, that’ll prove costly. For that reason, it’s best to hire professionals who possess the proper tools for the job.

• Error-Free Work

While getting water out of your pipes, even the smallest mistake could yield disastrous results. For instance, if you overlook the presence of water droplets, the drains can burst, leaving a huge mess on your hands. Fortunately, that won’t happen should you get a professional to do the same work because they carry out the task for a living.

• Peace of Mind

Even if you start blowing water out of your pipes, completing the job successfully is an entirely different story. Consequently, it’ll prevent you from breathing a sigh of relief until you’ve completed the project. That’s the opposite of what will happen when you hire an experienced blowout company that will put your mind at ease.

Simple Yet Effective Blowout Ideas for Your Garage

Your lawn is one of many places that require weatherizing; you should prepare your garage for the same treatment. And that’s because if the cold air gets inside, your garage’s heating system will have to work twice as efficiently. So, to ensure there’s no energy loss, you must:
  • Insulate your garage door
  • Caulk your garage door and windows
  • Apply flexible vinyl weatherstripping
  • Waterproof your garage door
  • Seal switches and outlets

Blowout Your Garden Hose Today

Blowing out your sprinkler system and garage before winter is important. Otherwise, the water inside could freeze, making it practically impossible to get it out without damaging the pipes. So, contact AlienWerks Pest Management today so we can perform the task effectively.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The most effective method of blowing leaves out of your yard is through a leaf blower. Once you’ve blown the clippings to gather them in one place, dispose of them.
The blowout price varies, depending on the condition and size of your yard. That’s why we recommend contacting our team to get a quote.
Before winter, it’s critical to blow out your irrigation system because if you don’t, the water inside it can freeze and expand, causing damage.
Weatherization refers to protecting a building or space to prevent it from getting damaged by harsh weather effects, like heat or cold winds.
Yes, specific tools exist that make blowing out your sprinkler system or garden hose easier. Without them, you won’t be able to do an effective job.



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