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You put a lot of hard work into keeping your yard healthy and thriving – and it’s understandable why. For many property owners, the lawn is more than just a space to showcase the latest collection of plants and flowers; it’s where your kids and pets play, and you throw parties, among other things.

But the same lawn that’s supposed to provide relief to owners becomes a source of frustration if pests infest it. The good news is with AlienWerks Pest Management taking the lead, you can put your mind at rest. We provide thorough yard pest treatment services, leaving no signs of the insects.

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Rigorous Lawn Pest Control

When it comes to the factors destroying lawns’ condition in Springs, Texas, most residents blame the harsh weather. However, that’s not the only thing that can ruin your well-maintained yard; insects feeding on plants and flowers can make your lawn less appealing. Consequently, it affects your property’s value.

If you want to keep your yard healthy all year long, it’s essential to identify the bugs that feed on roots and glass blades. They include chinch bugs, white grubs, and armyworms. Although some are more destructive than others, you must eliminate all before they severely damage your lawn.
Since ridding yards of pests is a monumental task, leave it to AlienWerks Pest Management. We thoroughly inspect yards for insects and eliminate them using a combination of new and tried and tested techniques. Once we’re done, your lawn will flourish throughout the year.

Rodent Inspections Done Right

Besides insects, your garden can also become a playground for rodents, like rats and mice. And though their presence is problematic as it is, if the critters enter your property seeking food and water, the matter becomes worse; it’s no longer about feeling disgusted but protecting your loved ones from the diseases rodents spread.
At AlienWerks Pest Management, we thoroughly understand the concerns you have for your family. Keeping their overall well-being in mind, we provide quick and efficient rodent inspection services. We’ll not only eradicate them from your property but take proactive measures to ensure rats and mice do not come back.

Why Performing Yard Check Is Crucial

The damage pests cause to your garden varies, depending on the type that has infested your lawn. But one thing is for certain: if you don’t take action on time, it won’t be long before your green plants start turning yellow. Other than that, here’s how pests affect your yard’s condition:

• Chinch Bugs

Known for feeding on the sap of grass blades, chinch bugs are small, black insects with white patches on the wings. When chinch bugs continuously feed on your lawn, the grass turns brown and dies. And if they’re present in large numbers, chinch bugs can destroy entire yards within a few days.

• White Grubs

Spotting white grubs can be challenging, considering they feed on the roots below the soil surface. The insects are capable of destroying large turfs in a short time, and you only become aware of their presence afterward. White grubs are barely an inch long, and their bodies are curved, like the letter C.

• Armyworms

Aptly named armyworms, these insects march on yards like an army, destroying the grass in the process. Armyworms typically come out between July and September. However, you’ll also find them on your lawn if it rains. The pets chew on low-growing turf, preventing your garden from properly growing, let alone flourishing.

How We Perform Garden Grove Inspection

At AlienWerks Pest Management, we pay special attention to the environment while spraying pesticides on your yard. We thoroughly understand that the wrong products could kill insects as well as the plants in your garden. Because of this, we use high-quality insecticides in the following areas:
  • The perimeter of your yard and house
  • Under your deck
  • On your porches
  • Inside your garden and vegetation

Other areas of your yard infested by pests

Hire the Best Lawn Pest Control Services

Spraying your yard for pests is sometimes not enough to get rid of their existence. In most cases, you might need to enlist the help of a professional. And when that moment comes, we want you to connect with us immediately so we can do the job the right way the first time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It varies, depending on your turf’s size and the infestation’s severity. Sometimes, half an hour is enough, while it may take more than an hour in other cases.
If you’re asking this question, it means you’ve tried to spray your lawn, but to no avail. For that reason, it’s best to connect with us because we possess the required skills as well as the right equipment.
Before our team arrives to perform the treatment, make sure your yard is clutter-free. And if you have pets and children in your house, keep them away from the lawn for their safety.
Since our products are insoluble and of high quality, they will not be washed away by rain. However, if it has been raining for several days, it’s best to reschedule the treatment.
To ensure your lawn is protected from pests and rodents, we recommend hiring our services at least once or twice a month.



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