Difference Between House Centipede and Silverfish

Silverfish House Centipede

Every day, you find countless insects in your home.

Some may be unfamiliar to you since you might have never seen them. Nonetheless, a few particular creatures have become a part of your life. House centipedes and silverfish are also common household insects. You’ll find these little insects in bathrooms, basements, and attics.

They’re not poisonous but can cause allergies and damage your property. Still, it’s important to eliminate them. You can adopt several methods to get rid of them immediately.

But some people can’t tell the main difference between a house centipede and a silverfish is that they look equally creepy. You can be perplexed about silverfish and house centipedes, but don’t worry. In this blog, we’ll tell you all you need to know about centipede silverfish bugs and house centipedes. So, let’s begin.

Silverfish House Centipede

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Silverfish house centipedes are tiny insects that can infest your house. These insects can be found in bathrooms, basements, and attics. They’re arthropods with bodies around one and a half inches long. Their bodies are brown or grayish-yellow, with black stripes on the back.

Female silverfish house centipedes have thin legs twice as large as their bodies. They’re not visible in the winter because they bury themselves during the colder months and become more active in the spring. They can harm your wallpaper, book bindings, and other natural material if they get inside your home.

Silverfish house centipedes are not harmful to humans despite being capable of biting them. But still, they can scare you with their eerie appearance. Silverfish house centipedes are chewing insects. They like to eat flour, dried meat, and vegetables.

Above all, silverfish house centipedes can be incredibly difficult to eradicate. Therefore, you must hire a professional to eliminate all the centipede silverfish bugs from your house.

House Centipede vs. Silverfish

The weird looks of house centipedes and silverfish are similar. Nonetheless, several features set them apart from one another. So, let’s examine the differences between silverfish and house centipedes. The body is the key distinction between centipede silverfish bugs and house centipedes. The small centipede has more legs than the silverfish house centipede.

House centipedes can have up to 170 pairs of legs, and silverfish house centipedes only have six legs. Unlike most centipedes with short legs, house centipedes have long, spindly legs.

Some people do not consider them insects because they have more than six legs. House centipedes have bigger bodies than silverfish, on average. Their bodies are almost one and a half inches long. Silverfish, on the other hand, have a half-inch body size.

Apart from their bodies, house centipedes and silverfish differ in color. The bodies of house centipedes are yellowish brown. Plus, their bodies appear vertically bent due to the dark brown tones. On the other hand, silverfish have gleaming grey or silver bodies.

If you’re thinking about the house centipedes vs. silverfish differences, know that centipede silverfish bugs have the same color all over their bodies. House centipedes have different body and leg colors. You can find a house centipede inside your house as well as outside. However, they generally live in dark and wet places. In contrast, silverfish centipedes only live inside the house.

The Spiritual Meaning of Seeing Centipedes in Houses


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Centipedes may be a blessing at times. Seeing centipedes in the house also has spiritual meaning. It’s stated that seeing centipedes in your home indicates that your house is your safest location.

In contrast, if you dream of a centipede in another location, it can suggest that your home lacks something important. Sometimes seeing centipedes in the house can be a sign of good luck.

Bugs That Look Like Silverfish

Before hiring pest control services, determine what pests are infesting your home. Because there are a lot of bugs that look like silverfish and can create confusion.


Firebrats have the color, body, and form of silverfish. They have identical antennas to silverfish and are as fast as them.


Earwigs also resemble silverfish. They’re the same brownish-red color as silverfish and like humid environments.


Bristletails and silverfish house centipedes are both part of the same family. Bristletails are a kind of silverfish that is generally larger than the others. They’re rarely found in homes.

Eliminate All Silverfish House Centipedes with Pest Cleaning

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So, contact us and hire a competent specialist to promptly eradicate all centipedes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There is a variety of options for eliminating centipedes in-house. You can get rid of all insects by using chemical remedies such as synthetic insecticides. Centipedes in the house can be completely eradicated with natural pesticides like diatomaceous earth and boric acid. Natural solutions are also a great way to remove centipedes living in your home.
Silverfish and house centipedes are both small insects that can infest your home. They differ in various ways, including height, color, habits, lifespan, and food. While belonging to the same class and named arthropods, centipedes are carnivorous arthropods, whereas silverfish can only damage items such as books. These differences indicate that silverfish house centipedes differ from house centipedes.
House centipedes eat a variety of domestic pests, including silverfish. They also hunt spiders, cockroaches, flies, moths, earwigs, and other tiny insects. Centipedes use venom to kill small insects but are not deadly to humans.
You must put in a lot of work to get rid of centipedes in the house. House centipedes live in damp areas of the house. To avoid them, repair all leaking pipes. Moreover, dehumidifiers and exhaust fans can be used to keep the bathroom and attics dry. Finally, to prevent house centipedes from entering your home, keep it clean. Best of all, you can hire professionals to clean your house.

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