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Professional Fire Ant Treatment in Texas

As a property owner, you try your best to protect your loved ones or employees from harm. But sometimes, despite your best efforts, factors beyond your control can prevent you from doing that – like fire ants. Their sting causes a burning sensation, which is where the name comes from.

Because of the dangers associated with fire ants, it’s essential to take action against them as quickly as possible. And if you’re not sure what to do, connect with AlienWerks Pest Management. We provide excellent fire ant treatment in Texas, leaving no trace of the insects.

What to Know Before Hiring Fire Ant Control Services

Because of how much of a menace fire ants can be, most people think they’ve existed for centuries. But that’s not true; fire ants first made an appearance in 1918 in Mobile, Alabama. From there, the insects spread across the country, including Florida, South Carolina, and Texas.

And fire ants didn’t just infest those areas. They were so resilient that many native ants had to leave because of the fire ants’ presence. That’s precisely why so many of them exist in Texas; they usually come out in spring, leading people to call it the ‘Fire Ant Season.’

So, if fire ants have made their way into your residential or commercial backyard, take swift action and consider hiring our fire ant yard treatment services. We specialize in eradicating a variety of pests, including fire ants. Our process is thorough and detailed, and we leave no stone unturned in doing an effective job.

What Do Fire Ants Look Like?

Fire ants look quite similar to other ants, so you might mistake them for different species. Consequently, you won’t react to their presence. And by the time you do, it’ll be too late; they would’ve infested your house or office. That’s why you must know about the appearance of the ants.
Fire ants are red and black and, like other insects, have six legs joined by an exoskeleton. But the head of fire ants is copper brown, a trait through which you can distinguish fire ants from other species. As for size, they can grow up to 18 cm tall and 65 cm wide.
Since fire ants feed on dead insects and animals, you’ll likely see them in open areas, like lawns. If they’re present in a small number, it might be easier to tackle them. However, if your backyard consists of fire ant colonies, enlisting the help of AlienWerks Pest Management is better.

Signs You Need to Hire Fire Ant Pest Control

Spotting other pests is fairly simple; they leave obvious signs around your property, alerting you of their presence. But when it comes to a red ant infestation, it can be tough unless you look for specific signs:


While excavating to build colonies, ant workers dig through the ground and deposit the soil above; this forms a dome-like structure called a mound. Although all ants create it, the one fire ants make does not have a hole in the center. And that’s because they travel through tunnels.


If other insects bite you, you won’t know what type it is unless you see it. But if a fire ant stings you, you’ll know immediately. During the first few seconds, it’ll feel like someone is pinching you continuously. And the bite mark will appear after 20 minutes; these signs can help you identify the presence of fire ants.


Most ant species enter and exit their mounds through a hole, but not fire ants. They do so by digging tiny holes underground. These tunnels typically lead to the main tunnel, which goes to their colonies. So, if you notice tunnels just under the soil surface, it’s a signal to hiring fire ant treatment services in Texas.


After spotting an ant mound, you’ll try to destroy it. If you do and ants seemingly appear out of nowhere and start running in a frenzy, those are the common species. However, if they swarm at your or the object through which you destroyed the mound, those are fire ants.

Areas That Require Fire Ant Treatment in Texas

Fire ants build habitats in moist and damp areas to allow better air circulation and regulate colony temperature. That means you’ll most likely find them in open sunny areas. But they may also enter homes or offices while looking for food. So, look for fire ants in:
  • Cracks in foundations
  • Fields
  • Lawns
  • Pastures
  • Parks
  • Window gaps
Ridding deeper areas of fire ants is a monumental task, but one we’ve perfectly firmed our grasp on. Whether the infestation is in its initial stages or spreads beyond control, our technicians will act promptly and prevent it from damaging your property.

Are Fire Ants Dangerous?

Fire ants are more dangerous than any other property-invasive pests. That’s because the insects inject venom into their victims using the stingers on the end of their bodies. This causes one of the following allergic reactions in humans:

Non-Allergic Reaction

If a fire ant stings you and you feel pain and swelling in the bite area, it’s a non-allergic reaction. You’ll also notice a pus-filled blister forming, but it’s nothing to worry about; you should allow the spot to heal on its own.

Medium Allergic Reaction

The symptoms of a medium allergic reaction include swelling, pain, and redness, along with an additional symptom, itching. These will appear within 12-24 hours of the sting, but it may not always be the case; only 50% of individuals stung by fire ants report these symptoms.

Severe Allergic Reaction

Only 1% of individuals stung by fire ants report a full-body severe allergic reaction anaphylaxis; its symptoms appear about 30 minutes after being bitten by a fire ant and can be life-threatening. Those who suffer from anaphylaxis have difficulty breathing and swallowing and feel weak and dizzy.

Professional Fire Ant Killer/Treatment in Texas

As a company that has provided many clients with fire ant pest control services, we’ve learned a crucial thing about the insects: treating all infested areas is impossible. And the reason is that fire ants build their colonies under the ground; disturbing the tunnels would only cause the fire ants to go deeper, making the job even harder.
That’s why our primary objective is to suppress the spread of fire ants as much as possible. And if the mounds are away from your property or in an area where fire ants do not pose a threat, we even suggest leaving them be. But when it’s about protecting your family’s overall well-being, we follow a thorough process to pull out all the stops.
  • Our technician will arrive at your property to assess the fire ants’ colony. 
  • We use bait for the worker ants, who typically share it with their queen.
  • After the queen fire ant consumes the bait, she dies or becomes infertile.
  • If other species of ants exist in the same area, we treat fire ant mounds individually.
If none of the above-mentioned treatments work, we drench the fire ant colonies quickly and effectively. It includes pouring liquids into the mounds, which typically takes a few hours to work.

What to Expect After the Fire Ant Treatment in Texas

Fire ants are social insects that do not leave their colonies easily. So, it’s possible that after we’ve treated the infested area, you might see a few again. However, it’s nothing to be concerned about. Here’s what you should do when that happens:
  • Closely inspect the areas where fire ants may hide, such as cracks and gaps.
  • If you find fire ants in these areas, seal them.
  • Keep your trash can properly covered, considering fire ants search for food actively.
  • Do not try to exterminate fire ants yourself. If you don’t follow the proper process, it’ll make things worse.
  • Remove the mulch, shrubs, and branches falling in your backyard.

Get the Most Out of Fire Ant Control

At AlienWerks Pest Management, we sincerely care about keeping those who live or work on your property safe. And you’ll find that out, too, after seeing how we eliminate fire ants from your home or office. Get a Quote

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Frequently Asked Questions

Fire ants are red and black, while other native ants are primarily of the same color. In addition, fire ants vary in size; native ants, on the other hand, have a similar size.
Fire ants are also called imported fire ants because they’re not native to the US. Instead, they were accidentally introduced to the country via trade ships coming from South America in the early 1900s.
Around 1% of the people stung by a fire ant will experience severe allergic reactions. However, being bitten more than once increases your chances of anaphylaxis.
If the fire ant infestation is small, you can handle it alone. But if the fire ants have spread throughout your backyard, eliminating them will be beyond your reach.
No, it’s impossible to completely eliminate fire ants owing to the large size of their colonies.



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